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Suevin Engineering Services is a lean efficient company, able to translate your ideas into prototype form.  Our team of business associates is able to provide full production services

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Suevin provides in-house and on-site engineering resources in the fields of Technical Support, Electronics Design, Software using high level and assembly coding, Integration with existing systems; or to meet specific defined protocols. 


Suevin's resources extend from taking or providing the original design, through feasibility study to prototype and beyond.  Suevin provide all design documentation, PCB Gerbers and any other drawing or software, all to industry standards.


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  • Design for manufacture


Suevin and their business associates have the experience to design from early in the process so as to ease manufacture.  This reduces manufacturing inventory and speeds the development cycle giving a much quicker time to market.  Design modifications necessitated by changing market trends or part obsolescence can be very quickly incorporated.


For small or limited production, advantage can be taken of the available C.O.T.S. items, reducing time to market. 


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  • Design for testability


As in Design for Manufacture, thought is given to the testability of an item at the outset, thus ensuring that Test Equipment inventory is reduced, along with test time and engineering resources.


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  • Design to a power budget


Suevin has the expertise to design so as to save valuable energy and enhance battery life .


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